How to Bleach Hair at Home Without Damage

How to bleach hair at home How to lighten hair without harming them ?

Bleaching your hair at home is easier than you think! Whether you are looking for a bit of pick-me-up with a change of colour or are following the latest trends, you don’t have to go to the salon and pay a fortune to bleach your hair. Now you can save your huge saloon bills by following these easy steps to bleach your hair at home.

1. Prepare your hair- Healthy hair is best before any treatment as bleaching is a very damaging process, so you want to make sure your hair is at its strongest and healthiest before subjecting it to the this harsh treatment. Avoid any treatments for a few months prior to bleaching, which will keep your hair in optimum condition and avoid using shampoo and conditioners that have sulphates, as they dry out your hair. Deep condition to keep your hair moisturised for the process.

Expert tip! Use natural olive oil as a conditioner – it works wonders as a deep conditioner and is easy on your pocket.

2. What you will need- Once you have decided what shade you are going for, head to the nearest pharmacy and by your ingredients. You will need:

  • Bleach powder
  • Crème Developer –Blonde or light brown hair will require a 20 or 30 volume developer, and for darker shades, such as dark brown and black, a 40 volume developer will do the trick. Keep in mind that the lower the volume of developer, the less damaging it is to hair.
  • Toner – If you are wanting a powerhouse platinum, you will need a toner, which takes the ‘yellow’ tone out of bleached hair. Darker shades of hair do not need a toner.
  • ‘Purple’ shampoo – any shampoo made specifically for bleached hair.
  • A small brush to apply the product, a mixing bowl, and clear plastic wrap.

3. Mix the bleach- Mix the bleach and the developer in the mixing bowl. Make sure to follow the instructions and use the correct ratio of bleach to developer. It is also advisable to wear plastic gloves to avoid bleaching your skin, and make sure the room is well ventilated.

4. Apply the bleach- Using the tint brush, apply the bleach mixture to your hair, working from the roots to the tips of the hair, covering all the hair you intend to bleach with the mixture.  Cover your shoulders with a towel to prevent bleaching your clothes.

Expert tip! Try to avoid rubbing the bleach onto the scalp or the skin as it will burn.

5. Cover and wait- Cover your hair with plastic wrap and set the timer – the longer you leave the bleach on, the lighter your hair color will be. Never leave the bleach on your hair longer than an hour as this will cause your hair to fall out. Keep checking the colour and remove the plastic when you are satisfied with the colour.

6. Wash and dry- Wash your hair thoroughly with the shampoo, use a deep conditioner, and allow your hair to dry. You will now have beautifully bleached blonder hair.

If you are looking to go ‘Platinum Blonde’, you will need to repeat the same process with a toner, which will give you super-blonde locks.