How to Get Younger Looking Hands

How to Get Younger-Looking Hands How to make hands look younger ?

All of us use our hands daily, but we always neglect the most important thing, i.e. to take care of our hands. People mostly ask questions that how can we look after our hands or how we can get younger-looking hand? The solution is very simple, there are various ways like different home remedies to make your hands look younger naturally, different hand products, surgeries, and many more. After reading this article, there will not remain any reason to bother about your hands.

1. Exercising

Normally, we spend a lot of time on exercising our body but we neglect exercising of our hands, although, manicures help to activate hand’s muscle but manicures cannot be done on daily basis. You only need few minutes to exercise your hands, which will help you to get younger looking hands. The recommended exercises are:

Stretch out and hold- Stretch out your hands and gently hold them together, after a while try to move your hands a little further, and your arms as well. By doing so, you feel a slight stretch starting from your shoulder to the tips of your fingers. Remain in this position for a few seconds and move on to next exercise.

Hand Stretch through Interlacing- In this exercise you are required to interlace your fingers and move your palm far from your chest. Stretch from your shoulders so that you can feel the stretch moving towards your fingers. This reverse hand stretch will help you to improve blood circulation.

Make a fist and stretch- Make a fist and try to stretch out your arms from the shoulder. Turn the fist downwards, and hold for 10 seconds, then turn the fist upwards and again hold for 10 seconds. These small movements help to exercise many of the muscles of your hands.

Make a Claw- You are required to clutch your hands, and make a gesture like a claw. Hold on for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times. This easy claw hold exercise moves the upper joints of the fingers and makes them active.

2. Improving Blood Circulation of Hands

In today’s world, everyone uses modern technology, like laptops or computers, using these equipment in a specific hand’s position may leave your hands with a poor blood circulation which makes your hands look skinny and dull. You don’t need to worry about this, you can easily make your hands to look younger through above hand exercises, which enable a good circulation of blood. Apart from hands, your feet also need your attention because after a long, tiring day your feet not only need to be soaked in lukewarm water, but also require some deep cleansing with a good foot mask and scrub. Adaptation of hand exercise and cleansing will ensure you to get younger looking hands and feet.

3. Younger Looking Hand Surgeries

If you could not wait and want to get younger looking hands within a night, then you should avail the advantages of hand surgery. Many doctors use laser to improve the structure of hands by incorporating microscopic beams into the skin which stimulates the production of collagen- the main substance which makes your skin look younger. On the other hand, to attain the volume of the hands, Sculptra is another synthetic biocompatible material that is injected into the hand’s skin. Sculptra in about 3 doses a day makes your skin to look younger and fuller. Another quick method to make your skin younger is the transference of fats from the patient’s buttock to the aged hand’s skin. The fats give a rejuvenated look to hand’s skin for a longer span of time.

4. Using Natural and Home Remedies

If you cannot afford hand surgery, you can turn to home remedies for younger looking hands. In order to remove dead cells from the skin, use a scrub with sea salt, and cover up hands with the smooth layer of this scrub, let it dry, and wash off. Home remedies can also be effective within a night, like the application of aragan or olive oil, and slipping hands into moisturizing gloves over a night will give a nurtured and rejuvenated appearance to your hands. Below are some other simple and natural home remedies for younger-looking and soft hand:

Green gram Powder and Coconut oil- In order to get soft, moisturized, and younger looking hands, you are required to make a paste of Green Gram Powder with coconut oil. Use this paste in place of soap to exfoliate all the dead skin cells.

Mixture of Lemon and Sugar- Take a lemon, cut it into halves. Take one half, and apply half teaspoon of sugar on it. Rub this half lemon on your hands, this remedy will help you to remove dark and tan skin, and give a fresh, spongy, and young look to your hands.

Curd and Gram Flour- Make a paste of curd and gram flour. Apply this paste on your hands for 15 minutes, rinse off, and dry. This natural paste will give you long lasting results by making your hands younger, smoother, and glowing.

Rose water and Glycerin- Put a few drops of rose water to the mixture of one tablespoon of glycerin, and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this natural liquid mixture twice or thrice a day, this mixture ensures you to give silky, soft, and smooth hands.

Vinegar- Make a mixture of Vinegar and Onion juice. Apply this mixture on hands to get wrinkled free and younger hands, the miraculous effect of this mixture can be seen within few days.

5. Best Companions of Hands

When it comes to hand products, then cream and lotion are your best companions for your hands. You don’t have to spend money on expensive hand products, only the use of Vaseline intensive cream, and lotion make your skin softer and younger. In order to avoid UV damages, you should use SPF creams for younger looking hands.

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