How to Hide Acne And Their Scars With Foundation

How to Hide Acne And Their Scars With Foundation How to cover pimples with foundation?

Acne, pimples and blemishes are never fun, but they need not send you running for cover. While most skin problems can be avoided by keeping your skin clean with regular washing and a limited use of make-up (heavy use tends to aggravate acne), there are days when you just need a few expert tips on how to cover your acne and their scars with foundation and other make-up to help you look your best. While applying make-up to hide rather than highlight blemishes can be tricky, there are certain ways to do this and special products to use that will achieve a flawless finish, leaving you feeling confident and beautiful.

Generally, there are four products used in the application of make-up – primer, concealer, foundation, loose powder – all of which should be oil-free or non-comedogenic products, which contain ingredients that prevent the clogging of pores and further breakouts from occurring. Follow these simple and easy steps to ensure a fabulously flawless finish:

1. Cleanse and Moisturise- The first step in applying any form of make-up is to cleanse your face thoroughly and moisturise to ensure the skin is sufficiently hydrated. You can apply acne cream to the pimples and blemishes on your face at this stage and allow to dry before applying the primer.

2. Perfect Primer- Vital for a flawless finish, a good primer will reduce redness, fill in imperfections, hide blemishes, and cover most dark spots on the skin. Apply the primer with smooth even strokes all over the face before your foundation for an ultra-smooth finish.

3. Go Green- Probably the most important product for acne-prone skin, a good concealer can work wonders! Use a green concealer to dot onto red pimples and blemishes to reduce redness before applying the foundation, or dab a few dots under the eyes to reduce signs of fatigue.

4. Think Mineral Foundation- It is very important to choose the correct type of foundation for your skin type and in this case, one that will not clog pores and cause added breakouts. The best foundation for acne-prone skin is a mineral power foundation, which is lighter in cover and has a long-lasting matte effect. When applying the foundation, use a make-up sponge and press the foundation over your face with light dabs. Once the foundation has dried, use a cotton pad and gently buff the skin to obtain a smooth effect. This process can be repeated again if extra foundation cover is required.

5. Final Brush Strokes- Lightly dust a loose, translucent powder over your face for the final touch to a flawless finish, as well as keep make-up in place. A green, blue, and pink-hued powder helps to reduce redness or blemishes and it is very important to use a loose powder, as pressed powders tend to block pores, which will in turn, create further acne breakouts.