How to Make Homemade Makeup Remover Wipes

Make your own makeup removal pads at home Home made makeup remover pads

We all know that washing your face every single day is a non-negotiable deal that cannot be broken if you want beautiful, smooth, pimple-free skin. However, when it comes time to the end of the day and your bed is calling, it is all too easy to skip this vital part of your skin routine, and simply jump into bed without having cleaned your face properly and your makeup still on. While next-day makeup might look kind of hot, it wreaks havoc on your skin and can cause clogged pores, breakouts, and even wrinkles! If you have sensitive eyes, leaving your makeup on overnight can also contribute to eye irritations and infections. Avoid all these horrible side effects from being too lazy to wash your face by giving your face a good clean with makeup remover wipes that you can make yourself in the comfort of your own home!

Commercial makeup remover wipes are often packed with chemicals, alcohol, and other drying ingredients that can do more damage to your skin than good – and they are not cheap either! Here are some easy-to-do-at-home tips and tricks on how to make your own makeup remover wipesthat are as easy on your pocket as your skin!

Method 1: Soak cleansing pads

Cleansing oil is a fantastic product that cleans your skin without drying it out as it actually helps to moderate grease rather than strip your skin of it. Cleansing oil is usually applied with cotton pads, so why not make you own ready-to-go, pre-soaked cleansing oil cotton pads? Simply mix three tablespoons of jojoba oil or coconut oil with one tablespoon of witch hazel and one cup of water in a small round jar. Drop round cotton pads into the jar and let them soak up the moisture-rich liquid and you have cleansing oil makeup remover wipes to go! If you are having a difficult time getting the oil to soak all the way into the round cotton pads, simply pull the entire wad of cotton pads out of the jar, flip them over and continue to pour the oil solution. The cotton pads will soak up the oil from both ends.

Expert tip! Add some protection boosting Vitamin E to your oil by emptying a few capsules of vitamin E oil into the jar. Aloe gel is another great additive for the soothing of sensitive or sun-burnt skin.

Method 2: Roll it up!

Another great way to make pre-soaked makeup remover wipes is to take a roll of toilet paper or paper towels and cut the roll in half cross-wise. Find a suitable size round container and place one of the half rolls in the container. Make a solution of DIY makeup remover, consisting of two tablespoons of oil such as almond or coconut, extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil, two tablespoons of witch hazel, two tablespoons filtered water and mix and shake well in a bottle. Pour this solution over the paper rolls in the container until the rolls have soaked up all the liquid. Remove the middle cardboard roll of the toilet paper or paper towels (which should slip out easily after the oil mixture has been added to the container) and you have a stack of pre-soaked makeup remover paper towels for easy-to-use makeup remover application.

Expert tip! For added protection against bacteria and other germs, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your solution before mixing and pouring over the paper rolls.

General tips for removing makeup:

  • If you want to remove small dabs of makeup or streaks that have strayed, simply push your fingertips onto the top cotton pad that is soaked in oil and simply wipe off the mark with your fingertip. This will save a valuable cotton pad for a later application.
  • Make sure to remove eye makeup with an oil soaked cotton pad before washing your face as the mascara could run into your eyes, which is not very pleasant. It is also very difficult to get waterproof mascara off with just soap and water, so use your homemade makeup pads on your eyes before a deep cleanse.