How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Attractive with Makeup

Make-Your-Eyes-Look-Bigger-Naturally Tips to make your eyes look bigger

Do you want eyes that simply ‘pop’ and make a striking statement without saying a word? You don’t need to be born with large eyes to do this – there are some fantastic makeup tricks and tips that can be used to achieve the same effect. All you need are a few great products, such as eyeliner, concealer and mascara and the right techniques and you can create a head-turning, red-carpet look. With just a few tweaks to your regular makeup routine, you can change your look according to your outfit, look or mood.

1. Start Smooth- Tired, puffy eyes are never a good look and no matter how good your techniques are, you won’t be able to make those eyes stand out and look bigger when they are puffy and wrinkly. The first thing to do before applying eye makeup is to give your eyes a bit of a pamper and get them looking bright and fresh. The best way to minimize or reduce puffiness below the eye is to cool your eyes down and this can be done with cooling eye pads or even a bag of ice. Place the eye pads or ice on the bags below your eye for a few minutes until they are cool. This will soften lines and smooth out any bags or puffiness that is occurring.

2. Shape Your Eyebrows- Eyebrows add dimension to the face and frame your eyes, so shaping your eyebrows is important to maximize the ‘face space’ you have and create the correct frame for your eyes, which will help to make them look bigger. Don’t over-pluck though! Keep your eyebrows looking thick and healthy, but manicured for a young, fresh-faced look.

3. Even Out- Another no-no for trying to create bigger eyes are dark circles, which make your eyes look smaller. Some people are born with darker circles beneath their eyes while most people get them from being overtired or not having enough sleep. Getting rid of these dark circles is easy with a good concealer. Concealer, either crème or stick, works wonders on darkness and discoloration, as well as illuminating the entire eye area and drawing attention to darker lashes. When choosing a concealer, always choose a shade lighter and warmer than your skin tone to brighten and correct any purple or blue tones.

4. Curl Your Eyelashes- Curling your eyelashes is a sure-fire way to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Curling the lashes will avoid them from casting a shadow below your eye, which, if you have long lashes, can look like a dark patch or circle, so take the time to curl those lashes to create an eye-popping effect.

Expert Tip! You can also use false eyelashes to lift and thicken your lashes, but only use them on the top lashes and avoid using the on the bottom lashes, as this could create a clown-like effect.

5. Follow Your Crease- One of the best rule of thumbs to follow when applying eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger is to always follow your crease. Use the eye shadow along and below the crease, starting in the inner corner of your eye and extending outwards, applying thicker eye shadow as you go. Avoid using eye shadow above the crease line as this can create a ‘stage-makeup’ effect, with just too much!

6. Mascara, Mascara and More Mascara! – This is undoubtedly the most important item in your makeup bag and should never be missed! Not matter color mascara you use, always apply a few layers to make your eyes look bigger. Ensure there are no clumps by twirling the brush out of the tube and pinching clumps away with your fingertips and apply more if you need to. Lengthening formula mascaras are great for creating extra length on the eyelashes and use mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes to create wide, doe-like eyes. For flirty, battable eyelashes, apply at least five layers of mascara on the top lid and draw the brush upwards at the end of the lash to create an upwards cat eye-like weep.

7. Line Them Up! – Another way to head out with big, wide eyes is to frame your eyes with a thin line of eyeliner along the base of the upper lashes. Make sure the line connects the eyelashes and isn’t too thick, as this can work in the opposite way and make your eyes look smaller. End the line of eyeliner with a little upwards flick to create a svelte, sexy look.