The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

weight loss pic Healthy Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Do you want to change the monotonous routine of your breakfast, and want to shed some pounds? If yes, then you are at the right place, this article provides you with the perfect breakfast tips for weight loss. Different researches have highlighted the fact that habitual breakfast eaters are more slim and smart, and successful at losing rapid weight. You have to make smart choices for your breakfast, if you have the target to lose weight. Most people skip breakfast when they are on diet, but this skipping of breakfast results in overeating later on. It is highly recommended to take breakfast for weight loss, which gives you energy, high metabolic rate, and sets the ground for smart choices of food throughout the day.

What to Avoid- 

  • If you are taking Bagel with cheese, then you are probably not among the calorie conscious people. You can better skip the cheese or use low fats cottage cheese.
  • Always avoid Cocoa Puffs, Honey nut Cheerios, Fruit loops, or any store made cereals. These food items are jam-packed with low quality sugars which soon result in an energy crash.
  • Breakfasts Scones filled with sugars and butter, are low fats with no fiber and high proteins. These should be avoided by weight watchers.

Here are the best breakfast for weight loss:

1. Oat Meal:  Oat meal is among the best old-fashioned cereals to reduce weight. We recommend you to take larger oat meal in size, because the larger the oatmeal is in size the longer it will take to digest, and will also keeps you fuller for a longer span of time. The main ingredient of oat meal, i.e. fiber reduces hunger pangs and cravings of food, thus ultimately resulting in rapid shedding of unwanted pounds. You can add oat meal to yogurt, peanut butter, or fresh fruits to enjoy a healthy and  best breakfast for weight loss.

2. Cottage Cheese:  Cottage cheese due to its high protein content is a good food to include in your breakfast, because proteins have the profusion power to feel you fuller for longer durations. 14g of proteins is present in 1% cottage cheese in ½ serving cup, mix this ratio with either oatmeal, fruits, or take it with a scrambled egg. This intake of Cottage cheese is among the best breakfasts for weight loss.

3. Eggs:   Many weight watchers among you avoid eating eggs due to their high cholesterol content, however, it is now widely accepted that controlled amount of cholesterol is not harmful for your blood cholesterol level. You are advised to take two large eggs which contain 12g of proteins helping you to stay full till the lunch time. For weight loss, you can prepare scrambled egg, boiled egg, or an omelet as the best breakfast.

 4Fresh Fruits: Fresh fruits satisfy your craving for sweetness while sticking to the diet plan and it is recommended to choose fresh fruits due to high fiber content over juices. Fruits are not only rich in fibers but contain other essential nutrients like Vitamin C. If you want to lose your weight, you are advised to limit your food intake to 100 calories, whether you eat half banana, 2 cups of strawberries, or a small pear.

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