How to Apply Eyeliner For Beginners – Step by Step Instructions

How to Apply Eyeliner For Beginners - Step by Step Instructions
How to put on eyeliner like a pro ?

Eyeliner is an essential item in your makeup bag as it not only complements your mascara to give your eyelashes a fuller, thicker, and healthier look, but also gives your eyes a beautiful boost, making them the focal point of your face. Good eyeliner can certainly frame your face outlook perfectly. As with other types of makeup, there are different types of eyeliner, as well as different colors and applying eyeliner depends on what type of eyeliner you are using and what ‘look’ you want to create. ‘Applying eyeliner to your eyes is easy once you know how – follow these simple steps for a quick and easy way to apply eyeliner’.

1. Choose the Correct Eyeliner- There are two types of eyeliner – pencil eyeliners and cream or liquid eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners come in the form of a pencil and are applied as if using one, by drawing on your eyelids. Pencil eyeliners are best for creating a smudgy, smoky look. Cream or liquid eyeliners are applied with a brush by gently painting a line of eyeliner liquid along the eyelid and are best for a smooth, svelte look without smudges.

2. Choose the Correct Color- Eyeliners are available in different colors and should be chose carefully to complement your eye and hair color. If you are blonde, choose brown eyeliner as this creates a softer look against blonde hair. For dark hair, black eyeliner works well. Avoid using color eyeliners, such as blues and greens, as this can create a ‘clownish’ appearance.

3. Get Comfortable & draw dots- Stand in a comfortable position in front of the mirror. Beginning from the corner of your eye, work outwards and draw small evenly-placed dots along your eyelid as close to your eyelashes as possible. This will make it easier to simply connect the dots in a straight line instead of trying to draw one single straight line.

4. Connect the Dots- Now connect the dots with the eyeliner in smooth, straight lines, as close to the eyelid as possible. The purpose of eyeliner is to work in conjunction with the mascara to give your lashes a thicker look, so the eyeliner needs to be a close to the mascara as possible.

5. Finish off- Once you have connected the dots, you should have a smooth line of eyeliner across your eyelid above your mascara line.

Easy ways to apply eyeliner

Expert Tip! Soak a cotton bud in makeup remover and apply around the eye to remove any smudges that might have occurred during application.

6. Smudgy/Smoky Look- If you want as smudgy/smoky look around your eyes, you would have needed to use a pencil eyeliner. Once the dots have been connected and the eyeliner is in place, take a cotton bud and gently smudge the eyeliner to create the look. This can be done on the bottom eyelid as well for an extra smoky look.

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