5 Ways To Tie A Beach Sarong: Step by Step Guide

Ways To Tie A Beach Sarong How to tie a beach Sarong ?

Spend hours on the the beach in style with these stylish ways to tie a beach sarong. Packing you beach tote with your sunscreen, shades, and a good book can be enough, but it’ll never be complete without your favorite sarong. It’s the most versatile piece for an beach trip, you can use it as a bikini cover, or as shade against the scorching sun. They’re colorful, exudes their own sense of beach style, and the best part, they’re easy to wear. The best part? You can match it with your bikini set, accessorize it a little, and wear your reliable slip-ons perfect, you’re good to go!

With different activities that you can do when on the beach, you don’t have to be strutting with all your skimpy outfit, you still need to cover-up from time to time-shopping at beach shops, dining, or going to the bar. Here are some ideas on how to tie a beach sarong. Once you have learned a few tricks, for sure you would want to parade them like a model when visiting the beach.

Different ways to wear a beach sarong:

1. Wrap–around Skirt. This is the most common one among the different ways on how to tie your sarong. Transform it into a skirt by spreading it perpendicular at your backside just below your waistline. Holding on to both of the tips, make a square knot just below your navel. Make sure to tie it to your preferred tightness.

Variation 1: Instead of placing the cloth spread at your backside, place it along your hip bone. Join both ends of the sarong at the other side of your hip. Make a square knot just by your hip bone. A side slit should be present, enough to bear your beautifully tanned thigh.

Variation 2: if you want a mini-skirt, just fold your sarong length-wise then tie it either at the front or on your side.

2. Tube Dress. The same principle to that of a wrap around skirt. Spread your sarong covering most of your backside, with the topmost edge at the level of your underarm. Tucking the cloth under your armpits going to the front for the tips to meet, wrapping your body. Make a nice square knot, ensuring your breasts are modestly covered.halter dress3. Halter Dress. This is considered a variation for the tube dress but instead of making a knot at the top bust line, the tips should be tied together at the back of your neck, forming a criss-cross design in front.

Variation: Instead of just tying the loose ends, twist them first then then tie at the nape area.

jump4. Jumpsuit. First thing to do is make a skirt dress out of your sarong. Then to make a jumpsuit, get the front part and holding to the edges, make it go between the thighs until it reaches waist level at the back. Take tips on both sides then wrap them around your waist then tie at the front.

Drape Top5. Drape Top. For a modified top using a sarong, it’s simple. Hold the sarong by its tips then tie one loosely around your neck. Get the tips of the opposite edge and tie them around your hips.

Try wearing one of these. It doesn’t only show your creative side, it also your impeccable beach fashion sense.