Outfit Combinations to Wear with Leggings


Looking for pointers on what outfits to wear with leggings? Leggings can be comfy and trendy staples. You can run on them, and dance on them like no one is watching. Other than using them gym workouts, you can look casual or chic based on the pieces you combine with them. Here are some of the favorite combinations on dresses to wear with leggings.

Leggings for Office-Wear Dresses:

Some office dress codes shy away from leggings. Can you wear them without looking like you’re going or just got out of the gym? Yes you can. Some of the most sophisticated looks on simple pieces that involve black leggings.

1. A Line Dress + Leggings: Accentuate this combination with your office blazer and killer heel pumps.

2. Shirt dress + Leggings: Who knew that you could wear leggings to the office? Shirt dresses can either look like a long buttoned and collared blouse, or a long top that has the length of a short dress. Choose a white or gray shirt dress on black leggings plus black jacket for that hot office look. You can match this with kitty shoes or high heel pumps.

3. Loose Dress + Leggings + Belt: Got a dress that goes below the crotch line and just right above the knee? Wear it with leggings then bring the focus on your waistline with a elastic black belt and chic ankle length boots.

4. Tunic Dress + Leggings: A boat neck or cowl neck tunic dress on top of dark colored leggings word so well together. Wear classy heels and your good for the workday.

5. Long Coat + Leggings + Equestrian boots: A long coat that looks like a dress can be paired black or dark colored leggings and suede boots.

Leggings with Casual Wear Dresses:

It’s useful to know what combinations you can have based on the look you’re trying to achieve. You can almost combine outfits on any season or any occasion with leggings. For formal or cocktail parties, or a summer night out or dinner, you can find cute dresses to wear with leggings. Here are some pointers on how to pair leggings with casual-wear dresses.

Shirt dress

1. Shirt dress + Leggings: The key in wearing shirt dresses and leggings is the length and the shoes you wear. Shirt dresses look like extended blouses and can look like a short dress. For casual look, choose a plaid or denim shirtdress, pair it with leggings. You can either wear it with ankle high riding boots, combat boots or flats. Denim shirtdress look really trendy with equestrian boots and brown leather belt

Long top2. Long top + leggings + scarf: This is the simplest combination that you can wear casually and go almost anywhere (except formal occasions). Wrap around a scarf on your neck on styles that flow on or below the bust line. The goal of the scarf is to add layer to your outfit. You can wear it in simple knot, pretzel or celebrity style. Then wear comfy flats or high cut boots to complete the outfit.

Long Sweaters + Leggings3. Long Sweaters + Leggings: This combination just says autumn all over it. A long knitted sweater that goes below the crotch line and dark colored leggings look great together with knee high riding boots.

Summer Dress with leggings

4. Summer dress + Leggings: Transform short summer dress with A-line skirt into a sophisticated but fun look with flats or low heel shoes.

Cardigan5. Sleeveless dress + Cardigan + Leggings: This casual combination can work anywhere on your weekends. You can match sandals, low cut boots and comfy flats.

What You Should Avoid on Leggings

You can pair leggings with a dress, a long top or almost anything, or rather anything but these;

  • The worst combination is when you wear thin-fabric leggings with a short top. First of all, leggings are not pants. So don’t wear them when everyone can see through your body.
  • Likewise, tight tops are a major no-no. It’s alright to be proud of your body shape but wearing an all-tight outfit makes you look like you’re a walking naked doll.
  • Steer away from metallic and leggings as well. Very few people can carry an outfit with silver or gold leggings. Unless it’s a disco revival party or you’re auditioning for a superhero role, steer away from the shiny ones.
  • Don’t look like you’re in workout mode all day with your running shoes, sweaters or in a small yoga top. We get it, you’re doing yoga and your body looks amazing on leggings, but as a day outfit? Go get a better top from your closet.