What Shoes And Jewelry To Wear With A Yellow Dress

WHAT SHOES AND JEWELRY TO PAIR WITH A YELLOW DRESS How to accessorize a yellow dress ?

Since man has become keenly aware of colors, through art, fashion and more recently, color therapy, yellow has held many connotations. Yellow means different things to different people. It represents what is bright and beautiful, for one. But  yellow is the kind of shade that everyone wants to look at but many find difficult to wear. There is hardly a soul on this planet who does not rejoice at the prospect of a sunny day; a host of yellow daffodils inspired Wordsworth to write his unforgettable poem; the original Smiley face was yellow. But when deciding to use it in our wardrobe, we hesitate. What problems do we encounter when looking for suitable jewelry or scarves or any complements to wear with our favorite item of yellow clothing.

In this article I hope to iron out a few of the difficulties and reassure the yellow-lovers in this world that it’s perfectly acceptable, fashionable and chic to wear yellow, as long as what you sport with it, at the same time, is appropriate and complimentary.

Let’s find out what shoes and accessories to match with yellow outfit.

Help! What shade, what print, what material?

  • Yellow is a strong color and this columnist’s advice would be to never choose a yellow that is too deep or strong. The color of a lemon that isn’t quite ripe is the easiest shade to work with but a good rule of thumb is the darker the skin, the deeper you can choose your shade of yellow.
  • Yellow dresses are summer wear and so should look cool, so make sure the fabric is natural; a cotton or linen would be the best for daytime and silk for nights.
  • Never wear a tight yellow dress – the overall effect should light, cool and blousy.
  • A small, simple print on a fully yellow dress can be eye-catching and diffuse the intensity.

Don’t match the body with the feet – ever

Summer means sandals but whatever you choose, pick your footwear carefully. Here are some possibilities.

  • Shades of brown. This may sound gross, but a nice subtle tan or toffee will absorb some of the brightness of the yellow and will hardly be noticed. It will just act as a background and is particularly suitable in a sandal, for the warmer months when the toes need a breather.
  • It’s the old favorite but looks particularly nice with yellow. It’s such a contrast that if you want to show off that shade of yellow, black will do that. A pair of toeless strappy heels with a bit more black somewhere else, whether it’s a bag or belt or any accessory, heads will turn as you display a piece of sunshine to your admirers.
  • Although it’s not obvious, if the yellow of your dress isn’t too glaring, a white shoe can be the perfect complement to give an overall affect of innocence and prettiness.
  • Last year’s trends opened up the minds of many traditionalists and showed the world what a great combination silver and yellow are. Only in a sandal, mind you.

Make those accessories a backdrop, not a show-stopper

  • When choosing a precious metal, stick to silver or very pale or white gold. Keep the piece simple and not fussy.
  • If you want to wear a belt, choose one of the colors from the shoe suggestions, preferably the same; or a slightly darker shade of the yellow of the dress will slim your waist very subtly.
  • Only a small bag is suitable unless you’re going to the beach, then all your accessories will be adjusted, but otherwise, stick to small, and white, silver or black according to the shoes you’re wearing.
  • A fabulous and effective complement and one that won’t break the bank is wearing accessories with an ethnic vibe to them .As long as they match with each other, the lovely autumnal tones of yellow, red and sand can offset the outfit to a classy perfection.

On a final note, if yellow makes everyone happy, I say, be brave, get out there and wear that yellow dress – just be careful what you wear with it.