Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Cute birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend What are those cute gifts that you can buy for your  boyfriend?

No matter how well you know someone, you may find that the closer you are to them, the harder it is to think of something to get them for their birthday. A boyfriend or a girlfriend may be the most difficult, probably because you are still trying to impress them and want to make that gift the best thing that they have ever received. But it’s a mistake to over-think and you may very well end up tearing your hair out, vacillating between one choice and another.  To take some of the pain out of this process, I’m going to give you some suggestions.  Keeping in mind that a boyfriend can range from sixteen years old upwards, and can have one of a myriad of  different interests, the ideas are general and can be personalized according to his own likes and interests – customize it for the man in your life and make his birthday a day he’ll never forget.

Pick a type of gift then let his personality do the rest:-

When making difficult decisions, sometimes it’s best to break it down into parts. Ask yourself a few questions, narrow down the options and through the process of elimination, find the perfect birthday present for the man in your life. Here are the categories.

1. Sports – If he is a young man that plays a lot of sport, find out his favorite and get him the best available gear for that particular sport. Pay the bit of extra cash that he normally wouldn’t spend on himself and show him you think he’s worth it. If he’s older or just prefers to watch, maybe you could get him a ticket to that all-important game, or the definitive collection of TV clips from the annals of that team’s history.

2. Technology- There is a mountain of options in this category and the first thing you need to do is think about his age, his interests and his capabilities. Does he like gaming? Get him the most current console. Does he wax lyrical about computers? Get a Mac or a PC that’s cutting edge, the latest and trendiest. And then there are millions of accessories for computers, tablets and mobile phones that can be personalized in different ways.

3. Clothes- This could be tricky, but if you think you know more about the latest fashions and, frankly, he looks like he dresses in the dark, a well-chosen one-off item like a good coat or designer sweater could be good for him (and you).

4. Gadgets- This one is a no-brainer. Most men love gadgets, even if they aren’t the most useful.  It’s a throw-back to their boyhood and really, they just like toys. Check the latest gadget websites to find out the newest inventions. You can’t go wrong with this one, especially if you tie it in with one of his hobbies or interests.

5. For Car lovers- Face it, ladies; men love their cars almost as much as they love women. Make sure you listen carefully to his car banter a few months beforehand, he may be fussy. There’s also the possibility of driving a formula one car or taking a flying lesson, just make sure he won’t be scared.

6. Homemade gifts- If the funds are challenged, a hand-made present that focuses on his hobbies, his work or his family will be appreciated and show that you regard him as a person outside of the relationship too.  He will see what an effort you make for him and anyone would appreciate that.  Try framing some pictures or 2D memories in a beautiful frame; make him a collage of videos or slides from great moments he’s had or events he’s been to. Take him on a magical mystery tour to a place that was important in his childhood.  The more personal the better, so you know best.

7. Work related- This may be a little unromantic, but if he spends a lot of time at work/in the office, something to make his environment more comfortable may mean a lot to him and remind him that you think of him during the day.

8. Entertainment- We all like our leisure and everyone has their own tastes, so better to consider those and then choose. There are video box sets, music, shows you can go to, extreme activities like bungee jumping, role playing games, played or live, concerts, novelty shows or their favorite sports fixture.

Remember, romance for a man is different and less about gestures than about showing them that they are center in your life and that you know them better than other people and regard each part of his life as important as the next.

– Written by Maureen SNew Samsung dec 14 to jan 26 343

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  1. Tim April 28, 2015 at 6:56 pm -

    I am a fan of creative and personalized gifts. And fortunatelly – my girlfriend knows about it! She gave me for my birthday a star from the sky – that she bought in Kingdom of Universe! 😉 I love such gifts and I love her 😀