How to Apply Mascara For Beginners – Step by Step Instructions

Step by step instructions to apply mascara perfectly

Mascara is probably the most important piece of makeup to apply as it gives your eyes a special spark and your face a stylish and sophisticated look. Mascara can be worn alone without any other makeup for a clean, natural look, or with other types of makeup for a more ‘done-up’ look. ‘Either way, there is a specific way of applying mascara to create the best look’.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Leave Your Mascara for Last- Always leave your mascara for last. Apply all your other makeup first, such as foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and then apply your mascara. If you want extra-long eyelashes, an eyelash curler works wonders to create extra length before applying the mascara.

2. Clean Brush- Open the mascara and pull the wand out from the tube. Twirl the end of the brush on the opening of the tube to remove any excess mascara that might be clumped on the brush. Avoid clumping on the brush, as this will cause clumping of mascara on your eyelashes.

3. Get Comfortable- Stand in a comfortable position in front of the mirror and hold the brush in whatever hand is most comfortable for you. Lean the elbow of the hand you are using on a steady surface and place the mascara brush at the base of your upper eyelashes.

Expert tip! To avoid clumping, separate your eyelashes by moving the wand back and forth slightly on the upward motion.

4. Smooth and Steady- In a smooth, continuous motion, pull the wand upwards towards the end of your eyelashes. Repeat as often as you like to get the effect you want – a few strokes will create a light, natural look, while many strokes will create a darker and hefty appearance. When applying mascara to the lower lashes, use the same technique, except roll the brush in a downwards motion.

5. Comb- For an ultra-refined look, use a lash comb and run it through your eyelashes to separate eyelashes, remove any clumping and create a smooth, natural finish. Once you have combed your eyelashes, take the wand, hold it vertically, and run it along the edges of your eyelashes, adding a touch of color to the tips of your eyelashes.

Expert tip! Place a business card beneath your lower lashes to avoid mascara getting on your skin below the eyelashes.

6. Perfect Finish- Soak an ear bud in makeup remover and apply around the eye to remove any smudges that might have occurred during application.

How to Apply Eyeliner For Beginners – Step by Step Instructions

How to Apply Eyeliner For Beginners - Step by Step InstructionsHow to put on eyeliner like a pro ?

Eyeliner is an essential item in your makeup bag as it not only complements your mascara to give your eyelashes a fuller, thicker, and healthier look, but also gives your eyes a beautiful boost, making them the focal point of your face. Good eyeliner can certainly frame your face outlook perfectly. As with other types of makeup, there are different types of eyeliner, as well as different colors and applying eyeliner depends on what type of eyeliner you are using and what ‘look’ you want to create. ‘Applying eyeliner to your eyes is easy once you know how – follow these simple steps for a quick and easy way to apply eyeliner’.

1. Choose the Correct Eyeliner- There are two types of eyeliner – pencil eyeliners and cream or liquid eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners come in the form of a pencil and are applied as if using one, by drawing on your eyelids. Pencil eyeliners are best for creating a smudgy, smoky look. Cream or liquid eyeliners are applied with a brush by gently painting a line of eyeliner liquid along the eyelid and are best for a smooth, svelte look without smudges.

2. Choose the Correct Color- Eyeliners are available in different colors and should be chose carefully to complement your eye and hair color. If you are blonde, choose brown eyeliner as this creates a softer look against blonde hair. For dark hair, black eyeliner works well. Avoid using color eyeliners, such as blues and greens, as this can create a ‘clownish’ appearance.

3. Get Comfortable & draw dots- Stand in a comfortable position in front of the mirror. Beginning from the corner of your eye, work outwards and draw small evenly-placed dots along your eyelid as close to your eyelashes as possible. This will make it easier to simply connect the dots in a straight line instead of trying to draw one single straight line.

4. Connect the Dots- Now connect the dots with the eyeliner in smooth, straight lines, as close to the eyelid as possible. The purpose of eyeliner is to work in conjunction with the mascara to give your lashes a thicker look, so the eyeliner needs to be a close to the mascara as possible.

5. Finish off- Once you have connected the dots, you should have a smooth line of eyeliner across your eyelid above your mascara line.

Easy ways to apply eyeliner

Expert Tip! Soak a cotton bud in makeup remover and apply around the eye to remove any smudges that might have occurred during application.

6. Smudgy/Smoky Look- If you want as smudgy/smoky look around your eyes, you would have needed to use a pencil eyeliner. Once the dots have been connected and the eyeliner is in place, take a cotton bud and gently smudge the eyeliner to create the look. This can be done on the bottom eyelid as well for an extra smoky look.

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How to Apply Mascara to Your Lower Eye Lashes

Apply mascara to lower eye lashesHow to apply mascara on bottom eye lashes

There is nothing more beautiful than thick, luscious eyelashes, and many of us look at the pages of glossy magazines and dream about having lashes like the supermodels do. However, any of those models weren’t born with those gorgeous lashes – they just know how to apply mascara in the right way to make their eyes look amazing and you can too! While applying mascara to the upper lashes is fairly simple, giving your lower lashes a good lick of color is trickier and even though there aren’t as many lashes on the lower lids, mascara must be applied carefully otherwise it can go horribly wrong.

1. Choose the correct mascara- The type of mascara you use on your lower lashes is important if you want to avoid clumping and smudging. Applying too much mascara to the lower lashes can cause clumping, which makes the lashes look lumpy and sticky. Another outcome of applying too much mascara on the lower lashes is that it can create a ‘scary spider’ look – always make sure there is more mascara on the upper lashes than the lower lashes to avoid this look.

Expert tip! Remove any excess mascara on the brush by swiping it on a tissue before applying to the lashes to avoid clumping.

2. Go waterproof- A good idea is to use waterproof mascara on your lower lashes as it doesn’t tend to smudge like normal mascara does. Waterproof mascara does tend to dry out more quickly than normal mascara, so be sure to change your mascara after three months. If you prefer to stick with your favorite non-waterproof brand, dust a bit of translucent powder under the lower lashes before applying the mascara to prevent the mascara from smudging.

3. Bend the brush- Bending the tip of your mascara brush will make it easier to manoeuvre. As you take the wand out of the mascara tube, bend the tip of the brush against the rim of the tube so that it bends perpendicularly (at a right angle) to the handle. This new shape will make it much easier to apply mascara to hard-to-reach places like the inner corner of your eye and along the lower lashes.

4. Pinch and squeeze- No matter what type or brand of mascara you use, clumping tends to happen anyway and the best way to get rid of these clumps is to ‘pinch and squeeze’. Simply place two fingers over the clump of mascara and ‘pinch’ together. This will flatten the clump out and make it disappear. Make sure to clean the mascara off your fingers before continuing with your make up application so as to avoid smudging elsewhere on your face.

Expert tip! Another good tip to avoid clumping is to soak your mascara tube in a cup of hot water before applying to make the formula more liquid-y. Leave for a few minutes, then apply and you will find the mascara is now thinner and much easier to apply, gliding on smoothly and not leaving any clumps.

5. Half a coat- Don’t cover your lower lashes completely from root to tip with mascara. Use a mini fan-shaped brush and apply mascara onto the lower lashes stopping just short of the ends so that they don’t look too long. A good trick is to press the mascara wand gently onto the base of the lashes instead of actually sweeping the wand along the lashes as this will give the desired effect.

6. Go vertical for a natural look- The way you hold the brush when applying your mascara can make a huge difference to the overall look you achieve with your lashes. Holding the brush horizontally and applying with upwards and downwards sweep creates thick, voluminous lashes. Holding the brush vertically and sweeping the mascara from side to side will give you lovely long lashes with a more natural look.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Attractive with Makeup

Make-Your-Eyes-Look-Bigger-NaturallyTips to make your eyes look bigger

Do you want eyes that simply ‘pop’ and make a striking statement without saying a word? You don’t need to be born with large eyes to do this – there are some fantastic makeup tricks and tips that can be used to achieve the same effect. All you need are a few great products, such as eyeliner, concealer and mascara and the right techniques and you can create a head-turning, red-carpet look. With just a few tweaks to your regular makeup routine, you can change your look according to your outfit, look or mood.

1. Start Smooth- Tired, puffy eyes are never a good look and no matter how good your techniques are, you won’t be able to make those eyes stand out and look bigger when they are puffy and wrinkly. The first thing to do before applying eye makeup is to give your eyes a bit of a pamper and get them looking bright and fresh. The best way to minimize or reduce puffiness below the eye is to cool your eyes down and this can be done with cooling eye pads or even a bag of ice. Place the eye pads or ice on the bags below your eye for a few minutes until they are cool. This will soften lines and smooth out any bags or puffiness that is occurring.

2. Shape Your Eyebrows- Eyebrows add dimension to the face and frame your eyes, so shaping your eyebrows is important to maximize the ‘face space’ you have and create the correct frame for your eyes, which will help to make them look bigger. Don’t over-pluck though! Keep your eyebrows looking thick and healthy, but manicured for a young, fresh-faced look.

3. Even Out- Another no-no for trying to create bigger eyes are dark circles, which make your eyes look smaller. Some people are born with darker circles beneath their eyes while most people get them from being overtired or not having enough sleep. Getting rid of these dark circles is easy with a good concealer. Concealer, either crème or stick, works wonders on darkness and discoloration, as well as illuminating the entire eye area and drawing attention to darker lashes. When choosing a concealer, always choose a shade lighter and warmer than your skin tone to brighten and correct any purple or blue tones.

4. Curl Your Eyelashes- Curling your eyelashes is a sure-fire way to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Curling the lashes will avoid them from casting a shadow below your eye, which, if you have long lashes, can look like a dark patch or circle, so take the time to curl those lashes to create an eye-popping effect.

Expert Tip! You can also use false eyelashes to lift and thicken your lashes, but only use them on the top lashes and avoid using the on the bottom lashes, as this could create a clown-like effect.

5. Follow Your Crease- One of the best rule of thumbs to follow when applying eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger is to always follow your crease. Use the eye shadow along and below the crease, starting in the inner corner of your eye and extending outwards, applying thicker eye shadow as you go. Avoid using eye shadow above the crease line as this can create a ‘stage-makeup’ effect, with just too much!

6. Mascara, Mascara and More Mascara! – This is undoubtedly the most important item in your makeup bag and should never be missed! Not matter color mascara you use, always apply a few layers to make your eyes look bigger. Ensure there are no clumps by twirling the brush out of the tube and pinching clumps away with your fingertips and apply more if you need to. Lengthening formula mascaras are great for creating extra length on the eyelashes and use mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes to create wide, doe-like eyes. For flirty, battable eyelashes, apply at least five layers of mascara on the top lid and draw the brush upwards at the end of the lash to create an upwards cat eye-like weep.

7. Line Them Up! – Another way to head out with big, wide eyes is to frame your eyes with a thin line of eyeliner along the base of the upper lashes. Make sure the line connects the eyelashes and isn’t too thick, as this can work in the opposite way and make your eyes look smaller. End the line of eyeliner with a little upwards flick to create a svelte, sexy look.

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows like a Pro

how to fill in your eyebrows like a proHow to get the best shape for your eyebrows

Eyebrows are unquestionably one of the most important features on your face, not only serving to frame your eyes and draw attention to them, but they are also a form of expression and can work towards showing exactly how you are feeling. Not everyone is born with beautifully thick and perfectly aligned eyebrows – sometimes eyebrows can be sparse and have gaps in them. So here are a few great ways to fill in your eyebrows to make them look thick, healthy and perfectly manicured.

1. Line them up- The first thing to do is to find the end of your eyebrow and make sure they are aligned symmetrically on your face. To find the beginning of your brow, take you eye pencil or some other straight object and place it against your nose pointing directly upwards. The starting point of your eyebrow should be in line with the pencil (and your nose!). If not, carefully tweeze any hairs before this point.

Expert tip! If you have sensitive skin, use some aloe or cortisone cream to soothe any redness after tweezing.

End2. Find the end of your eyebrow-  To do this, place the pencil or eyebrow brush at a diagonal angle from the outside corner of your nostril to the outside crease of you eye. If you want super long eyebrows, extend the line to your eyebrow bone, slightly further up on your face. This is where your eyebrow should end. Remove any hair past this point with a pair of tweezers.

Expert tip! It is very important to only tweeze the small straggly hairs on the outside of your eyebrow. The thicker hairs that make up the eyebrow rarely grow back so if they are removed, you run the risk of having gaps in your eyebrows.

Diagonal3. Find your natural arch- You want to find the natural arch of your eyebrow to ensure they look as natural as possible. To find the natural arch of your eyebrow, place your pencil or eyebrow brush on a diagonal starting from the outside corner of your nostril, to the outside of your iris, which is the colored part of your eye. Extend the pencil the top of your eyebrow and this will be the highest point of your eyebrow and the natural arch. Any stray hairs below this point, may be removed, but be careful to only remove small, thin hairs and not the thicker main ones.

How to trim eye brows4. Prep and trim- Before you start with the pencil, prepare your eyebrows by giving them a good brush with an eyebrow brush, brushing all the hairs in the same direction. Trim any unruly hairs with a pair of small eyebrow scissors, making sure not to cut them too short. Remove any stray hairs with a pair of tweezers.

5. Underline your brows- Use a brow pencil to underline the bottom of your eyebrow. Remember to use soft, even stroke without pressing to hard – you want to create a soft, subtle look which can be dramatized at a later stage. The underside of the eyebrow should look the most defined, while the rest will have a more natural look.

Expert tip! When choosing the correct shade of eyebrow pencil, always choose a lighter shade and not the same color as your eyebrows. Brunettes should go for a caramel or blonde shade of pencil.

6. Finally, fill InFinally, using light strokes of the pencil or powder, gently fill in the eyebrow, following the arch of the brow from the starting point to the finish, as marked out at the beginning of the exercise. Stay within the natural margins of your eyebrow shape to create the most natural looking effect.

Expert tip! Always start with very light stroke and color and if a more dramatic effect is required, then press harder and add more color. It is far easier to add then to correct or remove!

7. Optional setYou can use a clear eyebrow setting formula to set your eyebrows once they are complete, to keep the hairs in place and maintain their look for longer. Tinted setting gels are also available, but be careful to choose the correct color so as to not to take the focus away from your eyes.

How to Reduce Your Tummy Fat: Most Effective Ways

Most effective ways to reduce your tummy fatProven ways to burn your belly fat fast

Everyone has belly fat, even if you are a lean, mean, exercise machine, and it is healthy to a certain extent to have some body fat as it protects your body from the cold and your organs from damage. However, an excessive amount of belly fat can cause serious problems to your health – even more so than other types of fat around your body.

Types of belly fat:

1. There are two kinds of fat in the body. The first is surface fat, which is fat that lies beneath your skin and the type that most people see – you don’t have to be overweight to have this sort of body fat – even thin people have a layer of fat beneath their skin in order to stay warm.

2. The second type of fat is ‘deep’ fat, or visceral fat, which covers your vital organs, such as your heart, lungs, liver and other organs and protects them from damage. While the first type of fat may be unsightly and ugly, it is the second type of fat that is the dangerous type and can cause serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and dementia. Once again, you don’t necessarily need to be overweight to have excess amounts of visceral fat – thin people can suffer from this too, which is where the silent danger lies.

How to reduce belly fat?

While the most precise way to check the amount of visceral fat in your body is by having a CT scan or MRI, a quick and simple way to testing yourself is to measure your waistline with a tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around your waist, across your belly button and make it is level. An ideal healthy measurement would be less than 40 inches for men and less than 35 inches for women. Anything over that and you think about trying to reduce your belly fat. Here are some ways you can reduce your belly fat: 

1. Exercise- A healthy amount of exercise combined with a proper diet is the answer to everything! Exercising will trim down any excess fat you have in your body, both surface fat, and visceral fat, leaving you looking slimmer and being far healthier. For exercise to be effective, you need at least 30 minutes of moderate (breaking sweat) exercise five times a week, or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three to four times a week.  The best forms of exercise for losing fat are cardiovascular exercise routines, during which your heart rate increases and you break into a sweat, such as jogging, running, cycling or rowing.

2. Diet- As mentioned above, diet and exercise go hand-in-hand when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, so to reduce your belly fat, you will need to change your diet. While there is no magic formula or diet for reducing belly fat, a healthy eating plan will go a long towards reducing the amount of fat in your body. Some important factors of a healthy diet:

  • Cut out all sugar, that also includes sodas, sweets, junk food
  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Carbohydrates are needed for energy during exercise and daily living, however if they are not all burnt off, the excess carbohydrates turn to fat and are stored, leading to weight gain.
  • Eat more protein. Your body uses more energy to digest protein than it does carbohydrates, so eat more protein and your body will be working harder to process it. Avoid fatty meats though – eat lean protein without the fat.
  • Eat high-fibre foods, such as grains, cereals, apples, peas, beans
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (4-5 servings a day)
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day

3. Get plenty of sleep- Research shows that people who sleep for 7-8 hours every night gained less visceral fat over a period of time than those that slept for less. It might not be an important factor in visceral fat loss, but certainly contributes towards the greater goal.

4. Reduce stress- Stress is a silent killer and contributes to so many health issues and problems, including weight gain. Generally, people tend to eat more or eat a bad diet when they are stressed, which in turn leads to weight gain and an array of other health problems, so reduce the amount of stress in your life. If you cannot change the situation that is causing stress, find ways of managing your stress, through exercise, meditation, or counseling. Here are some other 24 ways to cut down your belly fat effectively.

How to Remove Suntan From Arms and Hands -2 Most Effective Methods

How to lighten suntan from arms and handsHow to lighten suntan from arms and hands

Excessive exposure to ultra violet rays from sun can cause sunburn or tan. While a bit of color can look healthy, whether it is directly from the sun or a bottle, a suntan with unwanted strap marks or streaks can be annoying. However, while you cannot remove the damage done to your skin by the sun, there are a few ways that you can remove your suntan and reduce the color back to its original shade.

Method 1-  Removing a Real Tan

There is no quick and easy method to removing a real tan, except to prevent getting a tan in the first place. However, if you want to reduce the color of a real tan, there are a few methods of doing so.

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate- Exfoliation causes the top layers of skin – which contain the melanin cells that produce the color of a tan – to slough off, leaving new skin behind without suntan. Using a loofah and body scrub product, exfoliate twice a week in the shower for the best effect.

Expert Tip! Rub gently as vigorous rubbing can cause the skin to look red and blotchy.

2. Skin lightening product- There are a number of skin lightening products on the market that lessen melanin in your skin, which can help to reduce the color of your tan. These products contain bleaching agents though, so be sure to consult a doctor or health care professional before using such a product.

3. Lemon juice- Apply lemon juice directly on arms and hands. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cold water. Lemon juice helps greatly in reducing tan.

4. Water and vinegar solution- Mix equal amount of water and vinegar into a bowl. Soak your hands into the solution for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off. You will see a change in your skin appearance.

5. Aloevera gel- Aloevera gel has antibiotic properties and works great on removing sun tan. Apply aloevera gel or juice directly on arms and hands. Let skin soak the juice for 15-20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

6. Drink water- Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated, and it will work at optimal capacity in the production of new skin, which will fade your tan at a faster rate. Also, use a good moisturizer along with drinking water, which will keep the skin even more hydrated.

7. Prevention is better than cure!- Prevent getting a tan altogether by covering up in the sun – wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and a hat that covers your face, neck and décolletage area. Always wear sunscreen of at least an SPF factor 30 and apply continuously throughout the day.

Method 2- Removing a Fake Tan

Removing a tan from a bottle is slightly easier than removing a real tan from the sun.

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate- This is the best way to remove a fake tan as removing the first few layers of skin will effectively get rid of the fake tan. Using a loofah and body scrub product, exfoliate twice a week in the shower for the best effect, but remember to be gentle when scrubbing to avoid redness and blotchiness.

2. Hit the water- Swim in a chlorinate pool – the combination of the chemicals and the exfoliating effect of the water on the skin helps to reduce the color of your tan.

3. Get steamy- A session in the steam room is a great way for getting rid of fake tan, as the hot steam opens up your pores and releases the tanning product. Allow yourself to relax in steam room for a minimum of 20-30 minutes and then rub yourself down gently with a towel so find your skin tan-free!

4. Creams and home remedies- Good fake tan brands usually offer a tan removal product in the form of wipes or creams that will easily remove the tan. These can be quite pricey, however, so you might want try a few home remedies that are easy to find in your kitchen cupboard and cheaper to use, such as soaking your hands in lemon juice, rubbing potato skin on your hands and arms, or making a sugar scrub with lemon juice and sugar to exfoliate your skin with.

How to Make Your Eye Lashes Look Longer and Fuller

Longer, thicker and fuller eyelashesHow to get longer and fuller eye lashes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and there is no better way to draw attention to them than with beautiful long eyelashes. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with lovely long lashes, however there are some fantastic make up tips and tricks that you can use to make your eyelashes look longer, fuller and more luscious.

1. Magical mascara- The easiest way to make those lashes look longer is to apply some mascara. To create an impression of longer, fuller lashes, start at the base of your eyelashes with the mascara wand and work your way slowly upwards towards the tip of the lashes. Repeat a few times to apply a few layers of mascara to add thickness and volume.

Expert tip! Use an eyelash primer before applying your mascara to enhance the length and condition of your eyelashes, as well as the color of the mascara.

2. Accentuate with eyeliner- Use eyeliner to accentuate your eyelashes by applying a bit of eyeliner at the base to make it look like there is more hair at the root of your lashes, which will create an illusion of thicker eyelashes. Make sure to use a color that is slightly darker than your natural eyelash color, such as dark brown or black. You can also use eyeliner to ‘extend’ your eyelashes and make them look longer. Apply black shadow to the root of your lashes with a small push-liner brush to add volume to the base of the lashes. Extend the line at the corner of your eyes to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller.

Expert tip! You can also use a technique called ‘tight-lining’, which involves applying eyeliner between each eyelash to create a dramatic, eye-popping look.

3. Use a curler- Use an eyelash curler to give the lashes a bit of a lift and some extra bounce, which will in turn, make them look longer. Begin at the bash of the lashes and clamp the curler down at the base for 10 seconds. For a shaper curl, squeeze the curler in the middle of your eye lashes as well. Be careful not to over curl the eyelashes as they will curl all the way back to the eyelid, which is not a good look!

4. Get extensions- A great, but expensive way to lengthen you lashes is to get professionally applied eyelash extensions. The process usually takes a couple hours and will last for months with only occasional touch-ups and will give you beautiful, natural-looking eyelashes.

Expert tip! Keep extensions at a reasonable length – extra-long eyelashes can look fake, so be sure to keep them at a normal length to maintain a natural length.

5. Apply fake eyelashes- Fake lashes are a fantastic way to get instantly longer lashes and a stunning dramatic look. There is a certain knack in learning how to apply fake eyelashes to make them look natural and stay in place, however, once you have the hang of it, your lashes will look spectacular.

Prepare your fake eyelashes before you apply them – trim them if they are too long and curl them so that they look perfect before you place them on your eyes. Place some adhesive (which usually comes with the lashes) on the base of the lash and let it sit for a few seconds before placing it onto your eyelid. Always apply the lashes from the outside corner of the eye and work your way inwards. Now use mascara to blend your natural eyelashes with the fake ones to create a totally natural look.

Use the removal serum provided to remove your fake eyelashes and be very careful not to rip them off as you could remove some of your own eyelashes at the same time. Apply the serum and wait about 10 seconds before carefully pulling the fake lashes off the edges of the eye to the center.

Expert tip! You can also use some petroleum jelly to remove the lashes.

How to Reduce Back Pain Without Medication

Ways to get rid of back painHow to get rid of back-pain?

Everyone has suffered from back pain at some stage of their lives and it is not pleasant. Whether you have suffered from a dull, constant ache that just never seems to go away to a sharp pain in the lower back that makes it difficult to move and go about daily life, back pain is debilitating and annoying and if left, can get worse. There are various reasons for having back pain, from living an unhealthy lifestyle and having poor physical fitness to age, obesity or other diseases and smoking. Usually, the answer to back pain is medication, ranging from over-the-counter medication such as aspirin to stronger medication prescribed by a doctor. However, there are ways to relieve back pain without medication.

What causes back pain?

The causes of back pain are numerous and vary according to a number of factors. Back pain can be caused by self-infliction through bad habits with regards to health and lifestyle, or through other causes such as injury from motor vehicle accidents, muscle strains, and sports injuries.

Symptoms of back pain:

  • Dull, constant aching or persistent stiffness anywhere along your spine;
  • Sharp pain in the neck, or the upper or lower back (particularly after lifting heavy objects or engaging in other strenuous activity);
  • Continous ache or pain in the middle or lower back (especially after sitting or standing for extended periods);
  • Spasms or sharp pain in the lower back

 Remember! Pain in the upper back can also be a sign of a heart attack, so if any back pain symptoms persist, seek medical attention immediately!

  • If you experience the following symptoms of back pain, call your doctor immediately:
  • There is a numbness or tingling feeling in your groin area, arms or legs – this may signal damage to the spinal cord and requires immediate medical attention;
  • Pain in your back extends downward along the back of the leg – this might be caused by sciatica, which is a pain stemming from the sciatic nerve that runs down the back of each leg.
  • Pain increases when you bend forward or cough – this could be related to a herniated disc.

Treatment of back pain

The treatment of back pain depends on the kind of pain you have and how long you have had it. The most common type of pain is acute pain, which begins quickly and lasts for less than six weeks and is usually caused by self-inflicted injuries such as falling, or lifting something heavy. Chronic back pain is more severe and can last for up to three months. Generally, chronic pain is caused by a more serious problem, so it is advisable to seek medical attention.  “Here are the methods how to reduce back pain without medication”

1. Hot / Cold packs or compresses- Cold packs are best used for reduction of swelling and deep pain, and should be applied directly after the injury has occurred. Hot or cold packs are great for soothing pain, stiffness and aches. For muscle spasms, stiff and sore muscles from sporting activities or aches and pains, use a hot pack, which soothes and eases the muscles.

Expert tip! When using a cold/ice pack, the rule of thumbs is 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off!

2. Sleep!- As we know, sleep is the cure for all and a good night’s sleep can work wonders for back pain, repairing strained muscles and soothing flamed joints. Experiment with sleeping positions before you go to sleep and find a position that is comfortable for your back. Make sure the mattress or surface you are sleeping on is firm as a soft surface could cause curvature of the spine and exacerbate the pain.

Expert tip! Sleep with a pillow between your legs as this helps to straighten out the spine while you are sleeping.

3. Gentle Exercise- The third best cure for back pain is gentle exercise and movement, that could very well relieve your back pain and any other body aches. Movement causes the blood to flow, which in turn helps the healing process, so avoid sitting still for extended periods of time as this will make you stiff. Start with gentle stretches and movements that do not cause any pain, such as a slow walk or swim. Here are 18 simple and easy stretches that you can perform in 18 minutes to relieve you from back pain.

Expert tip! Regular exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy body and helps in the prevention of back pain and other injuries.

4. Aqua Therapy- Aqua therapy is fantastic for easing back pain as the warm water soothes and massages your back and other muscles within the body. The buoyancy of the water helps deter strain on the joints, ease muscle tension and increases relaxation, while the heat of the water increases blood flow – all of which play a vital role in the healing process.

Expert tip! Before doing any exercises in the water, get advice from physical therapists, who will recommend the best movements to perform. Otherwise, simply relax in the bath and let all your pain soak away!

What to Eat Before and After Workout to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Diet PlanPre and post workout diet plan

Losing weight takes hard work, both in the gym and the kitchen! You can spend many hours in the gym or on the road doing high cardiovascular exercise in an attempt to lose weight, but the fight against fat takes a combination of good exercise and a healthy diet. What you put into your body before and after your workout, whether it is a 10km run, an hour gym session or football practice goes a long way towards helping you reach your goal of losing weight.

Pre-workout diet for weight loss

Many people don’t eat anything before they work out from the fear of feeling nauseous during the exercise, however, it is vitally important to take some form of energy into your body before working out as your body needs something to burn and prevents low blood sugar, which leads to light-headedness and fatigue. Even if you are watching the calories, here are a few good snacks to have before you hit the gym:

1. Banana- Bananas are also known as nature’s “PowerBar,” as they are packed full of goodness and energy. Bananas are full of digestible carbohydrates (which you need to burn to create energy), and potassium, which aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function.

2. Oats- Oats are an excellent source of fiber and slow-release carbohydrates, which will keep your energy levels constant throughout your workout. Oats also contain Vitamin B, which helps to convert carbohydrates into energy and are easily digestible.

3. Wholegrain bread- Wholegrain bread is packed full of good carbohydrates, that gets burned quickly while working out. Toast your bread or eat it as it, and add a teaspoon of honey for an added boost or a few turkey slices or low fat chicken breast for a protein injection. If you want to lose weight, make sure you control your bread intake – i.e. choose bread as your pre-workout snack only once or twice times a week.

Expert tip! Before a workout, you should consume about 30 grams of carbohydrates and 15 to 20 grams of protein.

Post work out diet for weight loss

Thinking of treating yourself to a big hamburger and fries after your workout because you worked up such a sweat? Think twice…the food you eat after a workout plays a large role in rebuilding muscle, burning fat and replacing lost minerals . Here are a few ideas for great post-workout foods:

1. Greek yogurt – Packed with more protein than regular yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is an excellent source of muscle-building goodness. Mix it with fruit or honey for an extra kick or mixed berries, which help soothe muscle stiffness and add some granola or oats for a more filling meal.

2.  Fruit salad – Fresh fruit is loaded with carbohydrates and sugars, as well as a plethora of enzymes that help to break the nutrients in the body after your workout. Go for energy-packed fruit such as bananas, apples, or pears – the fleshier, the better. Avoid canned fruit, as this is very high in sugars and can work against your goal of losing weight.

Expert tip! Eat kiwi fruit to aid with digestion and break down amino acids.

3. Wholegrain sandwich- A hearty wholegrain sandwich filled with protein based toppings such as chicken, turkey or egg is a great post-workout snack. If you want to avoid the bread, use whole wheat wraps instead packed with protein and salads. Avoid the fats though – no butter or margarine and definitely no mayonnaise!

4. Eggs- There are two schools of thought when it comes to eggs – some say they are good for you and others say they contribute towards high cholesterol. The answer to this argument is “everything in moderation”. Eggs are an excellent source of protein without any fat, so make the perfect post-workout snack. Hard-boiled or poached eggs are best, as there is no fat involved in cooking them – avoid fried eggs. If you want something different, make a fluffy omelette with a low-fat, protein-based filling such as cheese, chicken or turkey.

Expert tip! If you want to build muscle, you need to eat least 30 grams of protein and 30 to 35 grams of carbs within 15 minutes of your workout. If you want to lose some weight, try and eat at least 45 minutes after your workout.

How to Prevent Gray Hair Permanently : Natural home remedies

Premature-Greying-of-Hair-how to preventNatural home remedies to prevent gray hair

No matter you call it gray hair happens to the best of us and can occur at any age. Whether silver, salt-and-pepper, pewter or charcoal, people turn gray at various stages of their lives and while there are reasons for the change of hue, there are remedies that can help to prevent it.

The main cause of gray hair is a loss of pigmentation melanin from the hair follicles due to a lack of essential nutrients, especially those of vitamin A and B, as well as iron, copper and zinc. Hair turns gray when the color-producing cells stop producing pigment due to a lack of these minerals. If you want to prevent the onset of those gray hairs, here are a few great home remedies that you can try. Other common causes of gray hair include:

  • Smoking
  • Emotional stress or worry
  • Medical conditions such as anemia, hypothyroidism, tuberous sclerosis or neurofibromatosis

Here are some home remedies to prevent the onset of those grey hairs and keep you looking a little younger for longer.

 1. Henna- Henna is an excellent natural hair colorant and not only makes hair darker and gets rids of grey roots and strands but also strengthens and conditions your hair. Buy henna paste from the pharmacy or store and apply as instructed or make you own paste with this easy recipe:

  • Grind a handful of fresh henna leaves into a thin paste and add a teaspoon of instant coffee powder, three teaspoons of Indian gooseberry powder, and a dollop of plain yogurt. Mix together and spread it evenly on your hair, paying particular focus to the parts that are the greyest. Leave to dry and then shampoo and condition as usual. To maintain the color, repeat this process every four weeks.
  • Another method of applying henna is to boil some henna leaves in coconut or mustard oil until the leaves become black and charred, and then use this oil on your hair.

2. Curry Leaves and Coconut Oil Mask- Curry leaves not only make a fantastic Indian curry but also have incredible benefits for fighting grey hair as well and are known as one of the most effective ways to combat grey. Packed with Vitamin B, curry leaves help to restore the functions of the natural pigment in the hair follicles, which creates the brilliant black color of hair, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall. Coconut oil is a good natural moisturizer and combined with the curry leaves creates an oil-rich mask that can be applied to the hair to fight the grey and boost condition and volume.

Add a handful of leaves to the coconut oil and bring to the boil for 6-8 minutes or until the leaves turn black. Strain the oil into a container and massage the oil into your scalp and hair every night before going to bed. Wash hair thoroughly with an herbal shampoo in the morning.

Expert tip! Wear a shower cap over your hair at night to prevent your pillows becoming stained with the oil.

3. Black-strap Molasses- Black-strap molasses is packed with high doses of copper, one of the minerals needed to help the color-producing cells produce pigmentation and provides up to 14% of the daily recommended dose needed. Eat a tablespoon of black-strap molasses every morning for at least three months to begin to see a change in pigmentation.

4. Indian Gooseberry- Also known as Amla, Indian Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and an excellent remedy for dull hair, hair loss, greying hair and fighting ageing. All you need to do is eat some of this fruit – fresh or dry – every day to see positive results. Another method of using Indian gooseberries to fight the grey is to boil a few dried Indian gooseberries in some coconut oil to create a paste. Allow to cool and massage this pulpy mixture into your scalp, concentrating on the roots and sections that are greyer than others. Leave it on for at least an hour if the grey isn’t too bad, or overnight if there is a lot of greys, and rinse out thoroughly in the morning. Repeat this process at least twice a week for the best results.

Expert tip! Add some almond oil to the mix for an extra conditioning boost. Almond oil not only helps with the fight against grey hair and pigmentation but facilitates hair growth and hydrates hair beautifully.

How to Accessorize a Purple Dress

How to accessorize a purple dressWhat color shoes and jewelry to wear with purple dress?

Purple is a color that has long been associated with luxury, elegance and royalty and a beautiful purple dress, no matter what style or shade, can give the wearer a stylish and classy look and make a statement without saying a word. The color purple comes in many shades, from dark hues of deep purple such as eggplant and grape to lighter shades of purple like lavender lilac, and amethyst, so generally there is a shade of purple for everyone – you just need to decide on what hue suits your skin tone, hair and eye color the best.

How to wear a purple dress?

Purple is a wonderfully versatile color and can be worn for almost any occasion from the office to a night out on the town with the girls. Purple can definitely be worn to the office, but needs to be worn in a slightly more conservative way.

  • Go for an above-the-knee style dress with short sleeves or a stylish sleeveless, V-neck or round neck dress in a dark shade of purple. Darker shades would work better for the office as they tend to create a more refined and professional look. Pair the dress with a dark colored jacket or a neat little cardigan to cover your shoulders and add a brightly colored scarf for a lighter touch of color.
  • A sexy purple dress works just as well as a little black dress when it comes to evening and party wear and tend to look amazing in all styles, lengths and cuts. If you have broad shoulders, go for a strapless or off-the-shoulder style, if you have fantastic legs, pick a short dress to show them off.
  • A long purple dress can also look beautiful, depending on the style, but always add a dash of color in your shoes or accessories to avoid the risk of looking drab.

What color jewelry to match with a purple dress?

The type of jewelry you choose will depend entirely on the style of your purple dress you are wearing and the occasion to which are wearing it.

  • For more formal occasions, such as weddings, go for jewelry that is more subtle, such as a simple bracelet and earrings or plain gold or silver chain around your neck or wrist. Both gold and silver work well with purple, but keep colored stones to a minimum and stick with diamonds or other neutral colored stones.
  • For informal occasions, you can go wild with your jewelry as anything will stand out against the purple, whether it is a light or dark shade.  Pair a simple purple dress with large earrings and a chunky bracelet in a bold color, or try a long chain with a pendant or charm on the end that catches the eye.

Expert tip! A sophisticated dress style needs simple jewelry, and a simple dress style can be paired with detailed or bolder jewelry.

What color accessories goes with a purple dress?

A purple dress can be accessorized with any type of bag, from slim clutch bags to chunky day shoppers, depending on the occasion, the time of day and of course, your personality!

  • Go for a chunky bag during the day like an oversized shopper and try something smaller at night like a clutch or a sparkly purse.
  • For more formal occasions, choose something understated, like a small clutch bag in a pale champagne or gold hue, and for informal occasions like shopping or the beach, grab a straw basket or floppy shopper.

What color shoes to pair with a purple dress?

Purple is a solid block color and can be paired with a variety of shoes in different styles and colors. Again, it depends on the occasion you are attending and what time of day you are wearing the purple dress.

  • If you are going for an informal day look, pair your purple dress with lovely flats or sandals in any color – avoid wearing matching shoes though.
  • If you are off to a wedding or a special occasion, add a touch of glamor with something that sparkles, such as a diamante encrusted sandal or svelte high heel in a dark color such as black.
  • Dark purple dresses require dark-hued shoes and vice versa – lavender and lilacs need a lighter colored shoe.

Expert tip! NEVER wear the same color shoe as your dress – if you have to wear the same color, rather go for something in a lighter or darker shade according to your dress.

What Food to Eat to Get Healthy & Glowing Skin

alpha-hydroxy110 best foods for healthy & glowing skin

One of the best ways to get beautiful healthy and glowing skin is to eat your way to it! While expensive creams and skin treatments can help, your diet plays a vital role in the optimal functioning of your body and your skin and is far cheaper! The foods you eat can help to nourish your skin from the inside out, shedding older cells and replacing them with younger cells, as well as providing a plethora of micronutrients that are essential for the growth of the cells. Eating the correct foods will feed your skin with these nutrients and hydrate it sufficiently enough to stay soft, supple and blemish-free. Here are 10 fantastic foods to add to your diet for healthy, glowing skin”.

1. Tomatoes- Packed with the powerful anti-aging antioxidants of lycopene and selenium, which work in conjunction with other antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, tomatoes are a must in your diet! Research shows that a selenium-rich diet can help to protect against age spots, sun damage and skin cancer, while lycopene helps with ageing.

Expert tip! Lycopene is better absorbed into the body when cooked or processed, so make sure to use plenty of canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato juice in your cooking.

2. Blueberries- This tiny blue button of a berry was found to be the number one antioxidant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Blueberries are not only delicious when added to oatmeal, pancakes or yogurt, but also protect against premature aging.

3. Spinach- Thanks to Popeye, we have always known that spinach is good for you and makes you strong, and is absolutely packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. This leafy green vegetable is full of lutein, which keeps your eyes healthy and sparkling, as well as an array of vitamins, including vitamins B, C, and E, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Expert tip! Swop your lettuce for spinach and add a whole lot of goodness to your salad greens.

4. Wild Salmon- Omega-3 fatty acids keep your skin supple, moisturized and healthy, and can be found in a range of different fish species, such as salmon and tuna. Wild salmon, not farm-raised, has the highest source of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as selenium, which helps protect the skin from sun damage. This oily fish also contains high levels of vitamin D, which keeps bones and teeth healthy and strong.

5. Walnuts- Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks you can eat – in moderation of course – and walnuts are right at the top of being an excellent source of nutrients like vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which help maintain healthy skin, hair and bones.

Expert tip! Add a handful of walnuts to your salad for an extra healthy crunch.

6. Yogurt- Yogurt is a creamy and delicious source of goodness and can be used in numerous ways when cooking. Packed with calcium and vitamins, yogurt can be eaten with a meal or as a guilt-free snack and will go long way towards keeping your skin, teeth and bones healthy and strong.

7. Kiwi Fruit- Despite its rather odd appearance, this small fuzzy brown fruit is bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to prevent wrinkles, keep skin firm and supple, and maintain strong bones and teeth. The sweet fruit also contains antioxidants that protect the body against cancer and heart disease.

8. Sweet Potatoes- Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, an antioxidant that fights aging and helps maintain good eyesight and are a far healthier and less calorific option than normal potatoes.

Expert Tip! Cut up some sweet potatoes and roast them with herbs or onions for an easy and delicious side dish.

9. Oysters- Although not the best looking or tasting little titbit, these salty shellfish are an excellent source of zinc, which aids in skin cell renewal and repair. Zinc is also a great nutrient for maintaining healthy hair, nails and eyes, as well as being an aphrodisiac, which also helps to make one look and feel beautiful!

10. Dark Chocolate- Finally, we are being told to eat more chocolate! Dark chocolate with at least 60 percent cacao and high flavanol content is very good for keeping skin healthy and hydrated, as well as protecting skin from sun damage.

How to do Cute Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup-Ideas-For-Brown-EyesHow to put good eye makeup for brown eyes?

While brown eyes might be more common than other colors of eyes, they are far from boring and there are many ways to accentuate those beautiful brown eyes to look amazing.  Brown eyes come in an array of shades, from light, golden beige to a deep, mysterious brown and using different make up techniques and shading tips and tricks according to your coloring to make those eyes stand out and pop! “Here’s the method how to do cute eye make up for brown eyes”:

1. Apply Primer- While this step is not always necessary, it is a good idea to add it to your make up routine as a good primer works very well at keeping your eye shadow in place for longer, particularly if you are planning on using a powder eye shadow.

2. Apply a Base Coat of Color- The next step is to apply a base coat of color and there are a number of colors you can use to accentuate your brown eyes. Some colors you can try for maximum exposure and accentuation are pinks, purples, maroon, light brown, deep blue or deep green. Once you have picked the color you are going to use, apply the color all over the upper lid of your eye with a medium size brush. Make sure the bristles of the brush are quite fluffy to ensure the eye shadow is applied evenly and stop applying the base color at the crease line of your eye.

Expert tip! Shimmery or colors with a soft sparkle also work well as a base color coat, such as champagne, taupe, shimmery nude or cream/off-white.

3. Choosing a Crease Color- The best color to use on brown eyes is actually brown eye shadow. Brown eye shadow comes in a variety of shades, from matte brown to other dark brown shades such as cocoa. A dark warm brown color will blend perfectly with the lighter base color to create a natural looking shade.

4. Applying the Crease Color- When applying eye shadow to brown eyes, the crease color is very important as this adds depth, dimension and a touch of drama to your look. No matter what your base color is, your crease color will always be a shade of brown and this will automatically blend it with the base color. The best way to apply the crease color is with a crease brush, which will slot perfectly into the crease in your skin above the eyelid. Add some brown eye shadow to the crease brush and apply the color using a windshield wiper motion, starting at the end side of the crease and working the color in with smooth back and forth movements.

5. Use a Blender Brush- The best way to apply the crease color is with a blender brush, which has slanted bristles and makes the application of eye shadow into the crease of the eye much easier. The slanted shape of the bristle blends the base and crease color to form a natural look.

6. Add the Highlight Color- The next step when applying eye shadow to your eyes is to add the highlighting color, which helps to pull the look together, add a sense of depth and make your eyes stand out. The highlight color is usually a lighter color than the crease color with a slight shimmer, such as a light pink, champagne, or shimmery white and should be applied with a small pointed brush. The highlight color should be applied to the brow bone above the eye shadow and into the corner of your eye.

Expert Tip! When applying the highlight color, make sure not to apply the color too thickly as this give you a clownish look. The highlight color serves merely to make the eyes stand out and the color should be applied with a very light touch.

7. Add Some Eyeliner– To complete your look and really make those eyes pop, add some eyeliner. It is best to use a black eyeliner with brown eyes, so apply a black coal eyeliner to the top eyelid right above the water line of your eye. Apply a very thin line to begin with and thicken it as desired. Use a lighter color on the bottom lid, such as a beige-purple eyeliner color as this will really give your eyes a special sparkle!

How to Whiten Your Teeth Without Damaging Them

Tips to whiten your teethWays to whiten your teeth

There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful smile with sparking white teeth. However, while most of us are born with teeth in good condition, a number of factors contribute towards the deterioration and discoloration of teeth and we end up wishing for those pearly whites we were born with. There are, however, a number of ways you can transform the color of your teeth to a brighter, whiter shade from home remedies to advanced dental treatments. “Here are a few great remedies to help you whiten your teeth to get a super sparkling smile”.

Reasons for yellow teeth

We are not born with yellow or discoloured teeth – a variety of factors throughout our lives contribute towards this change and can be prevented. There are several causes of tooth discoloration:

Poor dental hygiene – teeth can be become discoloured due to poor dental hygiene, such as inadequate brushing, lack of flossing to remove plaque, and forgetting to brush after eating or drinking stain-producing substances like coffee and tobacco.

Certain food and drinks – certain food and drinks produce stains that are difficult to remove from the teeth and lead to discoloring, such as coffee, tea, colas, red wine and some fruit and vegetables like potatoes.

Smoking – smoking is one of the greatest causes of tooth discoloration and causes teeth to become yellow or brown with stains from the tobacco.

Dental diseases – several dental diseases affect the enamel and the dentin of the tooth and can lead to teeth losing their whiteness, such as head and neck radiation and chemotherapy.

Certain medications – some medications can also cause teeth to become discoloured, such as antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs, and drugs for high blood pressure. Ironically, some mouth rinses are also a cause of tooth discoloration due to the ingredients of chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chlorine.

Age – general aging causes the outer layer of enamel to wear away, revealing the natural yellow color of the dentin beneath the enamel.

Environmental factors can play a role in tooth discoloration, such as water with a high fluoride content or excessive use of items with fluoride, like rinses, toothpastes, or fluoride supplements.

Natural remedies to get white teeth

Brush after Eating and Drinking- One of the easiest ways to keep your teeth bright and white is to brush after every meal. It is important to remove any stain-producing elements that you might have consumed as soon as possible to avoid them sticking and staining the teeth. Brushing after every meal will go a long way towards keeping teeth healthy and white.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide- A great natural remedy for whitening teeth is a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix a small amount of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to create a thick, smooth paste. Brush your teeth as normal with the paste, making sure to brush right at the back as well. The hydrogen peroxide not only acts as bleach, but also as an excellent anti-bacterial agent to keep germs and plaque at bay.

Expert tip! Make sure the paste is not gritty as this means there is too much baking soda in the mix, which could rub the enamel off the teeth.

Coconut Oil Rinse- Coconut oil is a fantastic natural tooth whitening remedy. Simply swirl a few teaspoons of coconut oil in your mouth before and after brushing, twice or three times a day. The oil has natural whitening properties, as well as good antimicrobial properties, which aid in keeping the gums healthy too.

Strawberry and Lemon Paste- This is a good remedy if you like fruit. Simply mash a few strawberries into a paste, add a good squeeze of lemon juice, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix this all together and brush with this paste twice a day. The salt and the baking soda have abrasive properties which clean away any tough plaque and stains, while the acidic lemon and ascorbic strawberries acts as anti-bacterial and antimicrobial agents to clean the teeth.

Orange or Lemon Peels- Orange or lemon rinds or peels have fantastic acidic properties that can help keep teeth clean by stripping the plaque and other stains from the surface of the teeth. Simply rub some rind on the teeth after brushing, and then rinse with some water. It is important to rinse after rubbing with the peels, as the acid in the orange or lemon can strip the enamel if left on the tooth for too long.

How to Accessorize a Wrap Dress

What shoes and jewelry to wear with wrap dressHow to style a wrap dress?

The wrap dress was introduced by Diane von Furstenberg in 1972 and changed the way women thought about their bodies. Named after its ‘wrap’ style, the wrap dress comes together in the front with two sections that then wrap around the body and are held together by knotting or buttons at the back of the dress. This wrapping style gives the dress a beautiful V-shaped neckline, accentuating the curve of the body and creating an appealing and very flattering look.

How to wear a wrap dress?

The wrap dress is perfect for any occasion, from the office to a party and can be worn year-round and in every season. The style of the dress doesn’t change, however the look can change with a simple tweak of your accessories, from a casual daytime to glamorous evening wear.

1.  For the office: A wrap dress can be worn to the office in monochromatic colors, such as black or white, to maintain a conservative look and if you are not comfortable with the plunging V-neck line for the office, wear a tank top beneath the dress for a professional look.

2.  For the evening: A wrap dress can be spruced up for a party by choosing one with a bold print or color. If you want to look taller and leaner, choose a print or design that has vertical lines, which creates an illusion of height.

Expert tip! Stay away from bold or big flower prints, as well as horizontal lines if you have a slightly larger form, as these tend to make you look larger.

What jewelry to match with a wrap dress?

3.  The wrap dress can be combined with any type of jewelry, depending on the occasion and time of day. For the office, go for slightly more conservative jewelry, such as small stud earrings or pendants, a classic tennis bracelet or neck chain. For the evening, the dress can be glamorized by adding longer dangly earrings with a sparkle, chunky bracelets or bangles and a sparkly chain.

Expert tip! Always accessorize according to the occasion… flashy gold drop earrings would not be suitable for church, but would definitely work in a nightclub!

What accessories to pair with a wrap dress?

4.  Again, the type of accessories accompanying a wrap dress would depend on the occasion. For the office, go for a structured handbag, such as a classic tote bag or Jackie O bag in a single color. If you are wearing a sold block color dress in a dark color, such as navy or black, add a touch of color with your handbag – go for something bright such as red or orange to make a statement. For an evening out on the town, handbags can be smaller and easier to manage, such as a stylish clutch bag or shoulder bag, with a touch of glamor, such as diamante or gold detailing.

5.  Belts give a trendy edge to the wrap dress, and give the waistline a welcome cinch! Wider belts are a better choice for the dress, as they balance out the V-neckline and length of the dress perfectly.

Expert tip! Your handbag should either match your dress or your shoes – never both! A good idea is to wear a solid block color in your dress and keep your shoes and handbag similar shades. For example, a navy blue dress with cream shoes and handbag.

What shoes to pair with a wrap dress?

6. All shoes go well with the wrap dress, from sparkly high heels for a night out or flat pumps for a day of shopping. Wedge heels create a beautiful look for both day and night, while boots can be worn with the dress in winter. Head to the beach in a wrap dress combined with some sandals, and choose a closed, low heel for the office.

Expert tip! Remember when choosing your shoes, to think of the color – try to match your shoes with your bag, rather than your dress.  

How to do Cute Makeup for Blue Eyes

Best eye makeup tutorial for blue eyesHow to apply best eye makeup for blue eyes?

If you have been blessed with beautiful blue eyes, then there are a number of excellent make up tricks and techniques that you can use to bring out the best of them. Whether you have baby blue eyes or deep mysterious indigo blue eyes, here are some top make up tips and tricks to use to make those eyes stand out and pop!

1. Overlap colors- Blue-eyed babies have the ability to layer color when applying eye shadow. Try different shades of sheer eye shadow, such as coppers, bronzes or browns to create a super-striking effect.

Expert tip! Avoid blue eye shadow – blue on blue will make your eyes look dull.

2. Shadowing – sheer and matte- Blue eyes have such intensity to them that you won’t need a lot of eye shadow to make them stand out. Use a sheer eye shadow or lighter colored eye shadow for a subtle day time look, while a matte eye shadow is a good look for the office or more formal occasion. For a night out on the town, add a bit of shimmer or sparkle to either the sheer or matte eye shadow and make a statement without saying a word!

3. Ditch the black eyeliner- Blue eyes are spectacular enough, without needing a strong black eyeliner, so go for something lighter such as navy blue, which will still create a dazzling effect, but not look as harsh.

4. Warm colors are best for blue eyes- Opposites attract and some of the best color eyeliners for blue eyes are the warmer hues like browns, earthy colors, and tans. Rich brown eyeliners emphasize subtle gold specs in the iris and make them simply pop!

5. Highlight your eyes- Frame and brighten your eyes by highlighting them with a silver or beige eye shadow.

For deep-set eyes: Bring out deep-set eyes by applying a light, neutral shadow under the eyebrow bone and at the inner corner of the eye, before lining the the upper lashes with dark shadow.

For smaller eyes: For smaller eyes with uncreased lids, apply an arc of medium-toned color on the lids, blended with a sweep of a brush.

For thin-lidded-eyes: Apply a lighter shade at the eye’s corner before adding a deeper color to dramatize the eye.

For close-set eyes: For close-set eyes, line the upper lashes and use a dark shadow on the upper the lid to make your eyes appear farther apart.

6. Go for gold!- There is no better color to bring out blue eyes with a dazzle than gold! Apply a gold eye shadow to create a stunning and sophisticated look that is both classy and elegant. Simply add a touch of mascara to the finished eyes and you are ready to turn heads!

7. Contrast is king- Using contrasting colors on your eyelids can create a beautiful effect against piercing blue eyes. A striking lavender or deep purple can really bring the eyes out, and paired with a pink or pale gold eyeliner, give them an extra wow-factor.

Expert tip! Use those shades you would never use as eye shadow to create a subtle shadow-effect for your beautiful blue eyes.

8. No bottom liner- Blue eyes do not need bottom eye liner to create a brilliant effect – they look stunning on their own. Bottom eyeliner runs the risk of making eyes look boxed in and cramped, so avoid using bottom liner if you have blue eyes and let them do the talking on their own.

Expert tip! If you want to use some eyeliner on your bottom lid, use white eyeliner along your lower lashline, which will make your eyes look bigger and brighter!

9. Think pink- A swathe of pink eye-shadow against the bright blue of your eyes can give you a fresh, healthy look. Give your eyes a slight edge by lining the lashes with a dark brown pencil.

10. Go for smoke- There is nothing sexier than smouldering, smoky eyes. Add an element of sexiness to your already naturally beautiful blue eyes by creating a smoky effect. Smudge eyeliner along the upper rim of your lid, followed by an application of a dark eye shadow. Blend the two in to create a smoky effect, which will make your eyes stand in the most amazing way.

How to Accessorize a Bridesmaid Dress

How to style a bridesmaid dress?

One of the multitude of tasks the bride has to deal with before the big day is deciding on a style, color and theme for her bridesmaids’ outfits. Deciding on the style and color of the dress might be the easy part, but when it to accessorizing the outfits, it’s important to remember that what works with one style might not necessarily work with another. If all of the bridesmaids are wearing the same style, accessorizing will be uniform, however if they are wearing different styles of dresses, be sure to accessorize each dress accordingly.

How to wear a bridesmaid dress?

1. Choose suitable styles- There are myriad styles to choose from when it comes to dressing your bridesmaids, however if you are planning to have each bridesmaid dressed in a separate style dress, choose styles that suit each individual accordingly. For example, your big-busted friend would look better in the V-neck style and your broad-shouldered friend would look great in the strapless style.

2. Keep the same length- It is a good idea to keep all the dresses at the same length for uniformity – make them all knee-length or ankle length – don’t mix and match.

What jewelry to match with a bridesmaid dress?

When it comes to accessorizing your bridesmaid’s outfits, there are a number of ways to approach this subject. You can decide to choose everything yourself, from the shoes to the jewelry, or you can give your bridesmaids a bit of leeway and let them choose their own jewelry and shoes. It is a nice idea to let them have a bit of a say in what they are wearing, but if you want to keep things in line with your ideas, perhaps ask them to keep with one style of shoe or type of jewelry.

1. Let them decide- Seeing as your bridesmaids will be wearing the same style or same color dress, you could let them choose their own jewelry. As them to choose their own necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and purses to let their individuality shine through. If you are worried about them going over the top, give them some parameters, such as stick with pearls, or wear diamanté.

2. Forego accessories- Another option is to forego accessories altogether, except for maybe a pair of simple earrings. Remember that simple is elegant, so they don’t necessarily need to be dripping in jewels as this could be overkill. One single sparkling bracelet or a beautiful pair of pendant earrings could be the perfect partner for the strapless dresses that are so popular right now.

FUN IDEA: Have an accessory party!

Gather your gaggle of maids together for a pre-wedding accessory party where they can make their own accessories. Meet at the bead store and choose the theme, color and style together – it makes for a fun day out.

What other accessories to wear with a bridesmaid dress?

Your bridesmaids might want to bring small purses to your wedding for their lipstick and other personal affects. They won’t be carrying the bags at any important stage of the wedding, so they can bring their own evening bags, which do not necessarily have to match the other maids. Do ask them, however, to choose bags that complement their wedding day attire in color and style, such a stylish drawstring pouch, a retro-looking wrist-strap bag or an elegant clutch.

FUN IDEA: Get creative!

Accessories don’t need to be limited to jewelry – get creative and try something unique like flower necklaces or twigs woven into your hair.

What color shoes to pair with a bridesmaid dress?

1. Simple and inexpensive- Choosing shoes for your bridesmaids can be a tricky subject. Generally, the bride chooses the style and color of the shoes; however after spending money the dress, the bridesmaids might not be keen to or able to afford a new pair of shoes. So, in light of this, always go for simple, affordable shoes – you don’t need them to wear Manolo Blahniks or Prada.

2. Style-wise- Style-wise, avoid choosing flat shoes unless all your bridesmaids are over six foot and avoid very high heels, as you don’t want your bridesmaids teetering down the aisle. Go for a simple, strappy style that is comfortable to wear and look good on everyone.

3. Pale colors- When it comes to the color of the shoes, shades of platinum and pale gold go very well with various colored bridesmaids dresses, and can be used after the wedding. Obviously, if your bridesmaids are wearing different styles, various styles of shoes would work too, however this is something you need to decide.

How to Accessorize a Black Dress

Diferent looks and combinations to accessorize a black dressHow to style a black dress?

Everybody loves a little black dress, and it can be said that everyone looks great on one. Whether you go for a long or short black dress, a low or high heel, the darker color is very flattering and slimming, and you can have great fun accessorizing as almost everything goes with black. Black can be worn anytime of the day and to virtually any occasion and can be accessorized accordingly – think gold or silver for a night out on the town with friends, or go for something more subtle like diamonds or pearls for a more formal occasion.

How to wear a black dress?

Black is a fantastically versatile color and can be worn for almost any occasion from the office to a day at the races.

Office wear calls for an above-the-knee style dress with short cap sleeves or a lovely sleeveless, vest-style dress with a V-shaped or round neck. Pair the dress with a jacket or a neat little cardigan to cover your shoulders for a professional look and add a brightly colored scarf for a touch of color. Whether you prefer wearing flats or heels in the office, you can add a flash of color in your shoe choice – a red or blue shoe will certainly make a statement of their own.

Little black dresses work wonders for any party and all style, lengths and cuts look great! If you have broad shoulders and a long neckline, go for a strapless or off-the-shoulder style, if you have great legs, go for something short. A long black dress can also look beautiful, but be careful to add a touch of color with your accessories otherwise you run the risk of looking drab.

What jewelry to match with a black dress?

Your choice of jewelry will depend entirely on the style of your black dress you are wearing and the occasion to which are wearing it.

For formal occasions, it is best to go for something subtle, such as a simple diamond bracelet and earrings or plain gold chain around your neck or wrist.

While for informal occasions, you can pretty much go wild with your jewelry as anything will stand out against the black. Pair a simple black dress with bright, funky earrings and a chunky bracelet, or try a long chain with a pendant or charm on the end that sparkles and catches the eye.

Expert tip! Rule of thumb: A sophisticated dress style calls for simple jewelry, and a simple dress style can get away with detailed or bolder jewelry.

What accessories to pair with a black dress?

Ranging from slim clutch bags to chunky day shoppers, accessories are a reflection of your personality – some people look better with a smaller bag or purse while others can carry off the big shopper. Always go for something you are comfortable with and that suits your personal style.

Formal occasions call for something understated, such a small clutch bag in a beautiful pale gold, silver or champagne hue, while a casual event brings out the floppy beach hats, big day shopper or straw baskets.

Expert tip! Black is a plain color, so pair your shoes and bags for a classy, co-ordinated look.

What color shoes to pair with a black dress?

Again, because black is a plain, fairly neutral color, you can add a touch of color with your shoes, no matter that the occasion.

For formal occasions, go for something slightly more subtle, such as a pale gold or silver shoe – you can also wear a black shoe with a bit of a sparkle.

For informal occasions, such as a day of shopping, a day at the beach or a lunch with friends, anything goes – brightly colored sandals, flat pumps or a cork heel any color. Check out the latest color trend for the season and be on trend with your shoes!

What Clothes to Pack for a Trip to Chicago during September to November

What clothes to pack for a trip to ChicagoHow to plan a trip to Chicago?

Award-winning architecture, world-class museums, rocking music festivals and out-of-this-world cuisine, Chicago has all the offerings you’d expect from a major city. Mad about sport with a pro team for every season, watching a game is a local rite of passage, while the city’s 24 beaches and 580 parks offer a different form of relaxation. Architecture-fundis will delight in the awe-inspiring structures, from the spectacular glass-floored Willis Tower to Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Robie House, foodies will swoon over the myriad choices of outstanding and world cuisine, and music-lovers will rock to their heart’s content with the city’s music festival offerings. The Windy City has something for everyone.

Weather in Chicago during September, October and November

The best time to travel to Chicago is during the spring, summer and autumn – winter can be brutal with freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and of course, the wind! Head to the city during the autumn months of September and October to experience the city at its best. Days are sunny and bright, and temperatures are slightly cooler than the hot summer months, hovering in the 60s and 70s during the day and dropping into the 40s at night, so while summer clothing is fine for the day, be sure to pack warm clothes for the evenings.

The beginning of the school year boasts fewer crowds and plenty of accommodation at lower rates. Late October into November could see the temperature drop considerably and some attractions close for the winter season.

What clothes to pack for Chicago in September, October and November


  • Shorts, dresses, skirts (thicker fabric than summer dresses)
  • T-shirts, long casual tops, light cardigans
  • Casual Capri pants, long slacks
  • A lightweight jacket
  • A windbreaker / waterproof rain jacket
  • Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes, trainers, boots
  • Scarf, pashmina, warm hat/hoodie


  • T-shirts, short-sleeve shirts for day wear
  • Long sleeve shirts, long tops, jerseys for evening wear
  • Jeans, chinos, slacks
  • Lightweight jacket for evening wear
  • Windbreaker / waterproof jacket
  • Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes, trainers, boots
  • Scarf, warm hat/hoodie


  • Dresses, skirts, T-shirts (girls), shorts, T-shirts, casual shirts (boys)
  • Jeans, pants, track suits
  • A windbreaker / waterproof jacket
  • Footwear: trainers, comfortable walking shoes, sandals

Things to see and do in Chicago

Chicago has something for everyone from impressive architecture and beautiful urban spaces to outstanding museums, art galleries and institutes and superb shopping and dining. Here are the top 10 things to see and do in the Windy City.

Top Ten Attractions:

1. Millennium Park- Home to the famous Crown Fountain and Cloud Gate, better known as “The Bean”, Millennium Park rests in the Loop, a 24.5-acre space used to showcase cutting-edge art, architecture and landscaping.

2. Wills Tower Skydeck- The 110-story Willis Tower Skydeck boasts breathtaking views of the city – particularly from The Ledge, a platform that extends outwards over the city made entirely of glass.

3. Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain- Grant Park is a vast green space bordering the eastern edge of the Loop and packed with several of Chicago’s most popular attractions. The Buckingham Fountain rests at the center of the park and is one of the largest fountains in the world, featuring 134 jets used to shoot water as high as 150 feet into the air during the 20-minute choreographed displays.

4. The Field Museum- Occupying a large section of Grant Park’s Museum Campus, this extensive natural history museum houses superb exhibits showcasing artefacts that span history and the globe, and is home to Sue, the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered, who is 42 feet long from nose to tail, and boasts 58 terrifying teeth!

5. Wrigley Field- Home to Chicago’s Major League Baseball team, the Cubs, catching a game or touring the famous field is a must on a visit to Chicago.

6. Art Institute of Chicago- This world-class institute is home to one of the country’s most impressive collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art and features more than 300,000 works from all over the world.

7. Chicago Architecture Cruise- Take in the city’s magnificent array of architecture on this unrivaled architecture tour, which showcases some of the world’s most famous buildings and structures.

8. The Magnificent Mile- Shop until you drop on the Magnificent Mile, which is home to big brand-name stores like Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus, as well several top-notch restaurants and luxury hotels.

9. 360 Chicago- One of the best places to experience Chicago’s world-famous skyline is from the 360 CHICAGO observation deck, which towers 1,000 feet over the Magnificent Mile from its location on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center.

10. Navy Pier- Extending out into Lake Michigan, Navy Pier offers a variety of family-friendly entertainment in the way of a towering Ferris wheel, swing-seat rides and a carousel.